The Original Multidirectional Forklift

The COMBi C-series range of forklift trucks is designed to deliver the most productive, safe and reliable way to handle your long and specialised loads.

Designed to improve your workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one, a sideloader, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklift. This revolutionary design eliminates costly double handling of material and improves productivity.

Multidirectional operation gives this forklift the versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with confidence and utmost safety.


Capacity: 2,500 kg - 25,000 kg - Engine Type: Electric - Diesel - LPG


A C-series To Lift Any Load

Tough, reliable and built to last, the C-series is designed to ensure the highest levels of efficiency. The C-series is available in a wide range of capacities from 2,500 kg to 25,000 kg.

We take pride in the fact that we offer the widest range of customisation from engine technology to lifting attachments to cab specification.

Whatever your load, there is a C-series to handle it.


2,500 kg - 25,000 kg

Engine Type

Electric - Diesel - LPG

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